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Star Travel Study Led by NASA/DARPA

NASA and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are joining forces to take the first step in the next era of space exploration – a journey between the stars. Called the 100-Year Starship study, the joint appraisal looks to develop the business case for an enduring organization designed to incentivize breakthrough technologies enabling future […]

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Discovery Lift Off Re-Set for Wednesday

NASA announced a second 24 hour delay in plans to launch the shuttle Discovery on Saturday, aiming for Wednesday instead of Election Day. Wednesday’s lift off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is targeted for 3:52 p.m., EDT. The weather outlook includes a 70 percent chance of favorable conditions. There is a slight concern for low […]

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Upcoming Shuttle Flight: A Healthy Dose of Medical Investigation

Here’s a medical mix: the space shuttle, immune systems in space, and elderly and young children here on Earth. Onboard space shuttle Discovery’s STS-133 mission, there are sixteen rodent hitchhikers, riding in their own self-contained modules. The mice aboard Discovery will be in orbit for 11 days, where shuttle astronauts will perform daily checks on […]

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President Recognizes NASA for Assistance to Chilean Miners

  President Obama offered praise this week to five from NASA for their efforts to assist with the rescue of 33 Chilean miners trapped a half mile underground for 69 days. The men were rescued on Oct. 13, an event broadcast live by CNN. Early on, Chile’s Ministries of Health and Mining as well as […]

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Discovery Aims for Election Day Lift Off, a Day Late to Permit Leak Repairs

NASA will aim for an Election Day lift of the shuttle Discovery on the orbiter’s final flight, a one day delay called for on Friday to repair helium and nitrogen leaks in the spacecraft’s right Orbital Maneuvering System pod. A Tuesday lift off would occur at 4:17 p.m., EDT, the middle of a 10 minute […]

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