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Super Planet Crash: Educational Game for World Builders

Let the games begin! A new online educational resource allows the user to build their own planetary system, putting planets into orbit around a star and racking up points until they add a planet that destabilizes the whole system. The game is an offshoot of the open-source software package – Systemic Console — astronomers use [...]

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Benefits Stemming from Space Exploration

Benefits Stemming from Space Exploration was released in September 2013 by the International Space Exploration Coordination Group. At its heart, this report explains that space exploration “will continue to be an essential driver for opening up new domains in science and technology, triggering other sectors to partner with the space sector for joint research and development. [...]

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Space Station: High-value Drug Research

Set for an upcoming ride to the International Space Station (ISS) are nearly a100 proteins to be used in crystallization studies – microgravity research that could lead to innovative methods of drug discovery. A SpaceX Falcon booster is to depart Florida on March 16, making a delivery run to the orbiting complex. The protein crystallization [...]

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Park Yourself on the Red Planet!

Take a walk on Mars…without leaving Earth! Check out the third annual MarsFest in Death Valley National Park, being held March 28-30 within the breathtaking desert valley located in Eastern California. Visitors of all ages are invited to MarsFest 2014 – to elevate public awareness about planetary analog research taking place at special spots on [...]

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Wanted: Your “Best of Earth” Vote

Attention: All you riders of the Earth. NASA’s Earth Observatory website is after your vote – to cull through the best Earth images of the past year. From March 3 through April 4, you can vote for top Earth images, picking your favorites from 32 pre-selected from 2013. The tournament of remote sensing science takes [...]

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