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Food Crops for a Red Planet?

Vegetables for a Red Planet? That is the prognosis of a study by plant ecologist Wieger Wamelink of Wageningen UR – a university and research center in The Netherlands that focuses specifically on the theme “healthy food and living environment.” The soil on Mars may be suitable for cultivating food crops, Wamelink reports, and he [...]

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Humans on Mars: These are the Brakes

If larger and larger payloads – including human habitats – are to set down safely on Mars, new atmospheric reentry technologies are required. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is deep into cutting-edge and crosscutting demonstration flights of hardware to land hefty payloads on the Red Planet. The work is being done under NASA’s Low Density [...]

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NASA’s Strategic Plan 2014 Released

NASA has released its 2014 Strategic Plan, with the space agency’s Office of Strategy Formulation identified as the responsible office. “Our long-term goal is to send humans to Mars. Over the next two decades, we will develop and demonstrate the technologies and capabilities needed to send humans to explore the red planet and safely return [...]

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Park Yourself on the Red Planet!

Take a walk on Mars…without leaving Earth! Check out the third annual MarsFest in Death Valley National Park, being held March 28-30 within the breathtaking desert valley located in Eastern California. Visitors of all ages are invited to MarsFest 2014 – to elevate public awareness about planetary analog research taking place at special spots on [...]

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Book Review: America’s Space Futures – Defining Goals for Space Exploration

America’s Space Futures: Defining Goals for Space Exploration, Editor Eric Sterner; George C. Marshall Institute, Arlington, Va.; $12.99, shipping and handling $3.99; (soft cover); 2013. The George C. Marshall Institute has published a thought-provoking new book, America’s Space Futures: Defining Goals for Space Exploration, edited by Institute Fellow Eric Sterner. There are those that see [...]

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