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Fill’ er Up! Rocket Fuel to Go

A top-notch team of MIT engineers has scoped out orbiting way stations – one such depot placed somewhere between the Earth and the Moon. Once in place, this type of filling station could reduce the fuel a spacecraft needs to carry from Earth. That means, with less fuel onboard, a rocket could launch heavier payloads, [...]

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Swiss SOAR Space Plane Project Expands Technical Partnerships

Swiss Space Systems (S3) is on a quest to manufacture, certify and operate automated suborbital spaceplanes for small satellite deployment. S3 has announced they have partnered with Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) adding to its cadre of technical advisors. The Cooperation with BMSTU will enable the exchange of academicals between Russia and Switzerland to [...]

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First Flight: Cygnus Spacecraft Ready for Resupply Mission

UPDATE: Launch date slip Following a launch review meeting held earlier this morning, Orbital’s Antares team has decided to postpone the launch of the COTS Demonstration mission from Wallops Island, VA by at least 24 hours. The combination of yesterday’s poor weather that delayed roll-out of the rocket to the launch pad and a technical [...]

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Retired NASA Astronaut Embraces Commercial Spaceflight Role

Frederick  ”C. J.”  Sturckow, a four time space shuttle commander and pilot, has become the first from NASA’s astronaut corps to join Virgin Galactic as a test pilot for SpaceShipTwo and WhiteKnightTwo carrier aircraft operations, the emerging commercial suborbital passenger launch service announced Tuesday. Sturckow and Michael “Sooch” Masucci, a former U.S. Air Force test [...]

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SpaceShipTwo Moves Forward to First Powered Flight

SpaceShipTwo progress is being made in the skies over the Mojave Air and Space Port in California – successful demonstration on April 12th of key components of the system. SpaceShipTwo carried out a “Cold Flow” flight. The test objectives were achieved, and the craft is advancing towards its first powered flight. In this latest milestone, [...]

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