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CSExtra – Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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Tuesday’s CSExtra offers the latest reporting on space activities from around the world: Signs that NASA is responding to the leaner SpaceX development model. The top space headlines of 2010. Will aliens visit in 2012? Weather satellites capture the East Coast blizzard. A tempest swirls on Saturn. Space shuttle history. Giving the moon its due.

1. From the Orlando Sentinel: With restricted federal spending more certain and the backdrop of recent commercial successes by SpaceX, NASA is looking at ways it can control development costs of a new exploration oriented spacecraft that would replace the shuttle. NASA’s oversight of Lockheed Martin in the development of the Orion capsule is providing an example of what the space agency can do to limit oversight and cut overhead.,0,6876780.story

2. From Rankings of the top spaceflight and top space science stories of 2010.

A. In spaceflight, ranks NASA’s new course as the top news maker, followed by SpaceX’s strides and the initial test flights of SpaceShipTwo.

B. In space science, ranks the discovery of Gliese 581g, possibly the first exo-planet in the habitable zone of another star, as the year’s top story.

3. From Will aliens from outer space invade in 2012. A look at the claims, their origin and the reality.

4. From The East Coast of the United States was gripped by a major snow storm Monday. NOAA’s Goes 13 spacecraft captured the wintry assault from orbit.

5. From the Coalition for Space Exploration: The Cassini spacecraft circling Saturn has spotted an enormous storm taking shape in the cloud layers of the ringed planet.

6. From the Galveston Daily News of Texas: NASA unveils an inside account of the long running space shuttle program, Wings in Orbit. The publication spans 552 pages and includes contributions from top as well as mid-level officials who watched the soon-to-retire shuttle program mature.

A. From the New York Times, a review of Moon: A Brief History explores the relationship between Earthlings and a celestial companion, they often take for granted. Before electricity, the moon lit the way for those who traveled at night.

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